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My husband and I were very grateful to have Edna at the birth of our first baby girl. As is often the case, the birth did not go according to plan, but Edna was flexible, steady and present throughout the entire process from our home to the hospital and ready to respond to whatever the situation called for. She also always made herself available to questions and concerns whenever we needed her. We really appreciated her positive and supportive energy and highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a doula. As a quick update, baby Livia is now 8lbs, 8oz at her one month check up! She grew about 2.5 inches too. Everything looks good health-wise. Thanks again for all your help and support!” 
- Valerie

-----------We miss you and want to loop you into our circle so you can see pictures
of the child you helped bring into the world! Thank you for being the best
Doula and the only one that I wanted! Here are some pictures of miss Ella!
When can we see you again? We definitely want to have a party for our new 
renovation and even more importantly our beautiful child! Looking forward to
​seeing you again!
- Xiomara

 “Edna provided the best [placenta encapsulation] service! Beautiful packaging, very thoughtful and compassionate. I would recommend Edna to all my pregnant friends, and would definitely use her services again!" 
- Jennifer

We just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that our birth with Edna Sperduto as our doula was everything we hoped it would be! Our baby boy Henry was born on Saturday, August 4th, at 11:08 pm at St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospital. He weighed in at 9lbs. 9 oz, and 22 inches long. Vaginal birth, with epidural; thanks to our great doctor we were able to avoid a c-section. Edna was great the entire time we were in touch with her, from the first visits, to us laboring at our apartment Saturday the 4th, and as we went to hospital that night. She was lovely and caring, and with my husband Ben helped create a safe and intimate environment for me to labor in. Thank you to Edna and BirthFocus for this great support!
- Lina and Ben.

"Edna was extremely reliable and professional. She arrived immediately after my birth, and delivered the placenta package within 24 hours. She was very accommodating, and answered all of our questions and concerns. She clearly knows what she is doing, and seems to be very passionate about it!
- Stephanie